Building Beautiful Software

Light On Dev

Building Beautifully Crafted, Functional Websites and Apps.

We're a Programming Company focusing on Web Development, Web Design and Web Hosting, in short, we mostly make websites. Want a website? We're your guys. Send us a message and we can discuss details. Our prices are low and reasonable. We have a lot of experience with Web Development and can take care of your needs.

Why choose Us?

We believe in using the best tools available

We use a wide variety of platforms and softwares to bring you the best blend of design, function, and ease of use. From React to Tailwind, from HTML to Javascript, we bring the best to the table.

We believe in responsive design

All our websites are designed to be compatible with most devices and browsers. When a website or app doesn't look good, you lose visitors, and the mobile side of things are not overlooked with us.

We believe in communication

We believe that communicating with clients is foundational to the success of a website, whether it's between us and you, or you and your clients, communication is a necessity.

The Rosy Shell

We needed a website really quickly with the ability to sell our products. Light On Dev sorted us out straightaway, showing us how best to use the e-commerce function and making updates as quickly as we asked for them. - The Rosy Shell